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Top 5 most expensive wrist watches ever made - this is the most exclusive top 5 of the world for the year 2010.

Which are the most expensive wrist watches of the world? Well we did the top 5 for the year 2010. The most exclusive watches come with materials as platinum, titanium, carbon and diamonds. Some of the watches are master pieces with a suburb mechanism. Most of these watches are so expensive that they sometimes cost more than a car or even a home. Take a little sneak peak of the top 5 most expensive men's wrist watches and enjoy their design and luxury. You have to be a millionaire to buy these wrist watches.

nr. 1
mark: Piaget (owned by Richemont)
model (collection): Emperador 'Temple'
price: € 2,47 million / $ 3,3 million
material made of: diamonds
more: has 2 hidden watches, is set with 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds and an emerald-cut diamond on the top

nr. 2
mark: Frank Muller
model (collection): Aeternitas Mega 4
price: € 2,1 million / $ 2,7 million
material made of: platinum
more: contains 1483 components, displays 3 time zones and a 1000 year calendar, only available for order in New York and Geneva

nr. 3
mark: Blancpain (Satch Group)
model (collection): Tourbillon Diamants
price: € 1,41 million / $ 1,8157 million
material made of: diamonds
more: one peace ever made so far, has 400 diamonds, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

nr. 4
mark: Patek Philippe
model (collection): Sky Moon Tourbillon
price: € 1,06 million / $ 1,49 million
material made of: platinum
more: ref. 5002 P, has more than 600 microscopically small parts, only 2 pieces of these are made every year

nr. 5
mark: Vacheron Constantin
model (collection): Tour de l'Ile
price: € 994.000 / $ 1,4 million
material made of: golden case
more: produced for the 25the anniversary of Vacheron Constantin, most complex watch ever made, has a second display on the backside, has more than 834 parts in a case of  47 mm diameter, is limited to an edition of only just 7 pieces.

Wanna be top 5 or top 10 wrist watches:

mark: IWC (International Watch Co. Schaffhausen Switzerland, since 1868)
model (collection): IWC Grande Compilation
price: € 260.000,00 / $ 337.790,00
material made of:  titanium
more: also made with a white round background


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